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Mitra CSP Known as (Dizi Mitra), we are dealings in Banking services (CSP) of authorized bank. We are also dealings in LIC Agent Onboading, General Insurance, Loan Services.

Banking Services Made Easy, Simple & FREE!

Mitra Csp Services

Multiple Merchant.

Accept Payments Multiple At Your Merchants.

Transaction Charge

Accept Payments At 0% Transaction Fee.

Robust Security

24*7 Robust api.

Dynamic QR Code

Accept Payments Directly Dynamic QR Code.

Direct UPI Intent

Accept Payments Directly Pay via UPI Feature.

Help Desk

Do you require some help for your project: Integration, Api, Accounts, UPI Merchant, Settlement?

We are happy to introduce you about UPI QR Code Generator Api, UPI QR Code Generator Api is an IT and Fintech services provider company and deals with IT market Requirements and custom software.


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